"Discover How a Career Artist (Who Can't Even Draw a Straight Line) MAGICALLY Converts Public Domain Pictures Into
Piles of Cash"

And How YOU Can Do It TOO!

From the Desk of Tony Laidig

Hey Future Art Entreprenuer...

I hate to admit it...embarassing but true...I've worked as an artist for most of my life, and can't even draw a straight line. Perhaps that's why my folks feared for my future well-being when I announced, fresh out of high-school, that I wanted to pursue art as a career. The look on their faces was worth a thousand words...

They thought I was crazy and needed
to get a REAL job.

Thanks Mom and Dad! I set out to prove my parents wrong and began working as a photographer and later as a graphic artist. I did okay, but certainly didn't acheive financially what I had hoped to achieve. As a matter of fact, life was a struggle. Finally after working as a book cover artist for nearly fifteen years, I remembered a discovery I had made years previous that got me and my family through some tough times... making products from images in the Public Domain. As I began to connect again with the Public Domain and the possibilities for working with images, I got really excited. It was then that I had a life-changing thought...

I don't HAVE to be able to draw
to make money from art!

Since that discovery, my income has jumped significantly and I haven't looked back. As a matter of fact, I actually FIRED all my customers and have moved on from working as a graphic artist.

The system that I've discovered is so simple that it doesn't require:

Expensive equipment or software

A huge product inventory

Artistic skill

A big office with lots of employees

A college degree (or a diploma for that matter)

Lots of hard work

What the system DOES require, however,
is specialized knowledge.

Now before you start yelling at your computer (and cursing my name), I have some really GOOD news to tell you.

I've documented everything I've done to make money
with Public Domain images!

Sure, you MIGHT be able to figure it all out on your own, after years of experimenting and testing. But wouldn't it be MUCH better to benefit from my years of experience so that you could just hit the ground running immediately? I thought so.

In all those years of being a working artist, I've learned some things about working with images and creating products that sell. I've gained "insider" knowledge from some of the best artists, publishers, craftsmen, and trade experts in the world and now, I'm sharing every trick, every tip, every secret that I have uncovered in the past 25+ years and am revealing them all in brand-new book called,

The Easy Money Picture Project
(Expanded Edition)

Claim Your Copy of Easy Money Picture Project NOW!

Tony, I thought you were a nice guy, but now I am not sure! I purchased and downloaded your The Easy Money Picture Project. I started to read through the information and got an idea from one of your comments.

I went and downloaded some of the images you suggested and created a product. That is when it hit me flat in the face.... If I follow your directions on this thing I will have more work than any one human could expect to accomplish in a lifetime.

You know that I run a wide format art reproduction service. Well I downloaded some of the images and created some "Gallery Prints." One led to two and two led to hundreds.

I now have prints, mats, glass, frames etc. This is becoming a huge project that will generate a ton of money if it keeps moving like the first couple.

The reason I am upset with you is because I did not know about you and your products back in '98 (1998) when I converted my wet lab to a digital lab. Using your public domain ideas I could have been a multi millionaire by now.

Tony, keep up the good work...This Easy Money Picture Project is going to take me a very long time to use all the ideas you have put into it.


J. Arthur Davis


In "The Easy Money Picture Project (Expanded Edition)," I reveal:

What are the three questions you should always ask when creating a new product?
What are the four key strategies you should always use to guide you when creating products for your market?
What thirteen markets can you ALWAYS successfully sell products in?
What are the seven categories of image-based products that you can tap into with Public Domain images?
What are the best online and offline companies to use when creating physical, image-based products?
How little tweaks or additions to my products result in being able to double or triple the price on my products?
Where you can find an army of sales people to sell products for you and why using this particular group of people almost always guarantees sales. (not affiliates)
Innovative ways to create commercial TOYS from Public Domain Images (it's easier than you think!)
89 Fictional Characters in the Public Domain that you can use right now to create new stories, toys and other hot products (Hollywood has been exploiting this secret for years!)
The Nine BEST websites you can use for on-demand toy creation
How to deal with printing companies without feeling intimidated.
Over 90 of the BEST websites where you can download thousands of Public Domain images for free.
The top sixteen places to look offline for the best Public Domain images.
Step-by-step Instructions on how to find product gold at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Why you should be using Patents for product creation and eight killer products you can create from them
What is the ONE source for millions of Public Domain images that almost no one knows about or is accessing? (I tell you)
And Much, Much More!

Invest in Easy Money Picture Project NOW!

I want to attempt to describe the scope of just how HUGE this collection of Public Domain images really is...

Imagine having permission to use any work of art EVER painted, drawn, photographed or created before 1923! You're talking tens of millions of works of art!

Imagine having permission to EVERY illustration, cartoon, comic book, photograph, painting, magazine cover and more created from 1923 to 1964 that didn't have its copyright renewed! You're talking tens of millions MORE works of art!

Are you smiling really BIG yet? You should be because I am giving you the information you need to tap into that massive mother lode of Public Domain content!

Claim Your Copy of Easy Money Picture Project NOW!

Do you have a product idea or two coming to mind yet? Let me fry your
brain a little more.

One of the websites I've included in the book gives you INSTANT access to 1.3 million works of art in high-resolution.

Another website offers thousands of super-high resoution image files on all types of subjects IF you know how to cheat their system. I tell you how (don't worry, it's legal!).

I ALSO share about one offline source I checked out to grab a few photos in a certain niche market, ONLY to find out that they had over a million photos there on location for me to look through.

How would you like access to a couple search engines that ONLY return image results that are in the Public Domain? I tell you where they are!

Now, Let Me Ask You a Question...

What is this kind of specialized
knowledge worth to you?

I'm about to tell you the secrets I learned from years of research, years of testing and thousands of dollars. I'm about to hand you immediate access to the BEST websites on the Internet where you will be able to download MORE images for products than you have room for on your hard drive. I'm about to jumpstart a whole new income stream for you that could potentially add hundreds, and even thousands of dollars to your bank account in the coming weeks and months.

What is THAT worth to you?

This specialized information could easily fetch thousands of dollars, but I refuse to allow you to invest that much into obtaining the high quality information you expect and need! Because I want to see you experience a product creation breakthough like I have, I've temporarily DROPPED the price of Easy Money Picture Project from $297 to a simple investment of just $297 $197 $97! You can get all the information (over 200 pages worth) in this one-of-a-kind, expanded edition!

Just $197

JUST $47 This Weekend!

Will start you on your way to easy money with Public Domain photographs, fine art and illustrations. Invest in your own copy right now!

And as an added bonus...

I also included ALL my popular Photoshop Tricks and Expressions Tricks reports in this special package. In each report, I reveal secret tips and tricks I personal have discovered and use from years of experience with using Photoshop. These tricks are specifically geared toward product creation, so they are the perfect compliment to The Easy Money Picture Project.

Everything is included in one package to get you started with Product Creation ideas as quickly as possible! And best of all, you don't even NEED Photoshop for most of these tricks. I've ALSO included in the book a complete listing of image-related software you can use to edit and process your image discoveries. Each quality software package can be downloaded and used for FREE!


In the Fall of 2010, I taught a special, 4-week webinar series for the members of Step-by-Step Info Products (my membership site) on Physical Products. The only way you could gain access to this in-depth training was through the membership site. I am going to include ALL FOUR videos here as an added bonus. At a value of $197, this video series is worth the price of admission all by itself! Here is what to expect from this BONUS video series:

Video #1: Creating Physical Products That Sell!

In this video, we look at the different types of physical products we can create from Public Domain content. We also look at online product creation options, products you can create yourself at home, how to maximize your sales and much more!

Video #2: Selling Public Domain-Based Products on Ebay

In this video, we pick up where we left off with “Creating Physical Products That Sell” by preparing the products for selling on Ebay. We look at the best ways to set up your Ebay offer, look at how to profit beyond the initial sale and much more!

Video #3: Going to Print: Creating Your Own Printed Book, Magazine and More!

In this video, we will take you through the steps for creating your own print books, picture books, magazines and more…AND…how and where to sell them for maximum profits.

Video #4: Creating Professional-Looking DVDs and CDs to Sell

In this webinar, we go through all the steps necessary to create great-looking DVD’s and CDs to sell online and offline. We discuss cover design and layout, structuring your files for the disks and much more!

Value: $197

You will receive immediate access, 24/7 to your product!



Tony Laidig

The Public Domain Expert

PS - It's time for you to take advantage of ALL the amazing Public Domain content available to you to create your own line of best-selling products. Pick up your own copy of The Easy Money Picture Project TODAY!


*EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Results are not typical. Your results may vary. We make no claim that you will earn any income using this tool whatsoever. Where specific figures are quoted from individuals there is no assurance you will do as well. You must assume the risk that you will not earn any income from this product.


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